Online psychics are becoming more and more popular. There used to be a time that they only offered their services in person, but with the rise of broadband internet and webcams, they can now serve people from all over the world

Paid vs free online psychics

online psychicMany sites offer free online readings. Usually these are generated by a web server. And while it is perfectly possible to program a machine to do  psychic readings online, it is still a machine. Often they are programmed to give a vague answer that relates to everyone. In my opinion these are fun, but not very helpful. So, if you have an important question that you want to be answered, it is best to stay away from the automated answers generated by a machine.

Actually, I haven’t found any trustworthy free online psychics yet. Some great readers will sometimes offer free readings for a limited period of time (eg 24 hours), but most of the time they’ll charge for their services

Why pay for an online psychic?

There are several good reasons why a psychic should ask for a payment. If it allows them to generate a full time income, they can really focus on their gift and get better at doing readings. Another reason is that there should be an exchange of energy. You get advice and give something in return, which doesn’t have to be money. But since we’re talking about online psychics, this is often the only option.

The top 3 networks for (free) online psychics

1) Oranum

The largest community of online psychics
- Offers free chat and free demos from online psychics

Click here to go to the Oranum website

2) Keen

The oldest community of online psychics
- First 3 minutes for free (or 10 minutes for 1.99)
- Regular promotions

3) Psychic Source

The most ethical network of online psychics
- first 3 minutes are free, then $1 per minute
- free minutes for loyal customers

free psychicThe reason why I love these 3 networks is simple, they offer the most talented and gifted psychic readers from all over the world and let’s their customers score and review them. This way you can see how many (dis)satisfied customers a psychic has had and this is usually a great indicator for if they can be helpful to you. So, if you have a question or issue that you need help with, go check them out and find yourself a great (free) online psychic